English Language vs Emotional Language

Many conflicts arise due to misunderstandings or rather different perspective on what has been said. When someone tells me about an experience and they may say, it made me feel so anxious. I often automatically reply, "I so understand." But in truth, I may not

Knitting the Metaphor of Life

Owning alpacas means I have a lot of fiber (I have 23 alpacas!) to produce into something of use. I learned to knit as a kid. My mom was an avid knitter. But, I didn't really knit for about 30 years and decided to pick

Animals are the Best Medicine!

As summer winds down, I find myself with quite the mix of emotions. I am relieved yet sad to see this summer come to a close. I love fall and yet it also reminds me of how fast the year flew by. My animals

Mowgli (Alpaca) the Model at Maude Kerns Art Center

Mowgli was the model at Maud Kerns Art Camp today. They said he stood still the best of any of the animals that came this week to model! He was very patient and good. I was also told that almost all the artists included drawings