How do I work with you if I’m in another state?

I’m able to work with people anywhere over the phone. I’m able to tap into you  or your pet intuitively no matter your location and do the work. Once a session is purchased, you will get an email with a link to my online calendar. Enter YOUR time zone and select the time you wish. Provide the best phone number for me to reach you and I will call you at the time you chose.


How can you do this work over the phone?

I often answer that question with a question. How does your cell phone work? You can call someone with your phone not hooked up to any line and you can talk to the person. The signal goes from your phone to a satellite to the other person and back in a split second! Not that different in how I work intuitively only I don’t need the technology of satellites! I joke that I use to work on Radars as an engineer and now I AM a Radar!


Do I need to have my pet on the phone when you call?

No, your pet doesn’t need to be present with you. Many people prefer to have their pet within their eyesight to see if their animal notices me communicating with them (they often do show indications they are listening to me). But that is totally optional. It is helpful to have the owner on the phone because the pet will sometimes give me an image that is hard for me to understand but make perfect sense to you.