I recommend this service when you first begin working with me. Whether your pet is experiencing a physical or exhibiting an undesirable habit, this is where we begin to help healing those issues. During this call, we will discuss a history of the issue(s), go over the process of how energy clearings work and how to get the most out of these sessions. And you will obtain information from my vast list of resources that I will refer you to. This initial session will kickstart your pet’s natural healing abilities and begin removing those emotional blocks right away.

Quick Cleanse



I created this service to increase momentum to your pet’s natural healing abilities. I found too many wait until the problems build up and we had to start back and square one over and over. But with this service, we move you forward. We keep breaking up those trapped emotions and removing them. There is a threshold of tolerance we can live with that these trapped emotions don’t impact our lives. But, once we exceed that tolerance threshold, habits impact our daily lives and health issues arise and why we get stuck in habits. We want to remove those trapped emotions so they are well below that threshold. This is a quick 15 minute phone session where we concentrate on removing trapped emotions and balancing your energy system. It is Amazing how much we can impact and provide better energy flow in 15 minutes.



Do you or or your pet experience anxiety when you go out of town? Many pets do not understand what is going on or how long you will be gone for. And for pets that were rescued and have had multiple owners, going out of town can trigger their trauma of being abandoned or lost. They can be very confused. Perhaps your pets display behavioral changes after you return home. I would get many calls after people returned home from trips and vacations to finding their pets having issues such as having accidents in the house suddenly or being destructive, or having digestive issues. Those are the most common issues some pets experience when you return home from trips. So I came up with this service to help your pet WHILE you are gone! I can tap into your pet and release that anxiety emotions and communicate to them what is going on and let them know how long before you return. This can result in less of those undesirable behaviors and health issues.

Single Session



Sometimes you just need a quick question answered and clearing for yourself or your pet but you don’t want to invest in the package. I was asked for this single service so here it is! We will clear trapped emotions, answer a quick question and balance your energy system during this call!