Healing Circles

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June 12, 6pm PST



Group Healing Circles are meditations Cindy guides you through. There’s lots of science out there that talks to the benefits of meditating. They help ground you, lower your heart rate, quiet your mind to name a few benefits. Doing meditations in a group is like supercharging all those benefits. Energy is not contained within the body. It ripples out and impacts others. Your emotions may affect you the most, but they can be absorbed and felt by others. Those of you who are empathic, are sponges to others’ emotional energies. Often, that is not a positive experience or healthy for you. However, when you are tuned to those positive emotions, you absorb those frequencies. That is incredibly healing. The group healing meditation is magnitudes stronger than meditating solo. Cindy takes you on these meditative journeys that benefits your mind, body and spirit. Join her for these lovely, supportive moments. They typically run about a half hour. This is one of the most powerful self-care moments you can offer yourself.