Human Quick Cleanse Package




I created this service to increase momentum to your body’s natural healing abilities. I found too many wait until the problems build up and we had to start back and square one over and over. But with this service, we move you forward. We keep breaking up those trapped emotions and removing them. There is a threshold of tolerance we can live with that these trapped emotions don’t impact our lives. But, once we exceed that tolerance threshold, habits impact our daily lives and health issues arise and why we get stuck in habits. We want to remove those trapped emotions so they are well below that threshold. This is a quick 15 minute phone session where we concentrate on removing trapped emotions and balancing your energy system. It is Amazing how much we can impact and provide better energy flow in 15 minutes.




* Three 15-min phone sessions
* Quick update on how your progress is going (I use this information to help me assess where we are in relation to that trapped emotion threshold)
* Remove trapped emotions and I can provide the age when they originally were stuck in your body
* Balance your energy system
* Answer any quick questions you may have


Disclaimer:  do not diagnose animal or human illness. My mission is to support you and your pets natural healing abilities. For all emergencies please always call your vet/doctor ASAP.