Another Trip Around the Sun

January is my birth month. I sometimes dread having another year added to my age. But I am liking this year of 2020. Every time I say the year out loud, I envision having 20/20 vision. When we do our internal work, at some point, we do get some clarity! I’m reaching an age that is really wonderful because I’m embracing my more authentic self and throwing out much of the old ways no longer serving me. Stuff like caring what others’ think is a good one to let go. 

Age is something we humans have created to mark how often we have gone around the sun. That is one definition. But we can be young and old at the same time. Age is a paradox like pretty much everything else. We can feel a very different age than our chronological years. When I first get up and I feel the stiffness in knees, I feel closer to that chronological life. And then I go outside and play hide-n-seek with Yogi or bouncy ball with Tesla and I feel like a kid. There is a paradox of wisdom of having more trips around the sun too. I feel like as I learn bigger life lessons and feel like I’m getting a little wiser, yet at the same time, I discover there is even more to learn. Each insight leads to more questions. It opens up more of the world in a bigger light and it is all so exciting to see things in a different way. 

I have a greater appreciation. All emotions are felt more fully. I appreciate joy now way more than I did when I was younger. And I appreciate grief more fully too. There is a depthness that has expanded. But perhaps the best part of another trip around the sun is how much I appreciate my work. The passion I have for it is stronger than ever and it grows with each passing day and year. That growing passion is a result in a very large way because of the people and animals I have the great honor to work with. Each and everyone has been a blessing. 

So for this next year, my intention is to expand upon my growth. Hone my intuitive skills even further. Appreciate the joys and the sorrows as fully as I can and be open and ready for what next adventures and opportunities that come along.

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