Back to School

I bet you thought I meant kids going back to school. But in truth, this post is about me taking a class that is taking me way out of my comfort zone. I picked up my paintbrush over a year ago to try illustrating a

Everyone Has A Story

Booster the Rooster and Farmer Sue I've spent some of my time during the pandemic writing stories. I started a children's chapter book before the pandemic struck and the first months of lockdown, I spent a lot of time writing that story. Then I took a

Welcome 2021! Back to ABCs Basics

As I begin this new year, I feel like in so many ways, I'm starting back to the basics. Living has become much more simplified. Things that seemed so important are no longer so and those things that are important, I spend more of my

Pet Peeves: Words Matter

I was half listening to someone on an interview and they mentioned something about their "favorite pet peeve." I have no idea what they said after that but the statement of having a favorite pet peeve made my ears perk. I thought that isn't a

Procrastination and the Fear Mind

I had a lot of people reaching out to me about my recent blog on Procrastination. And it also came up a lot with clients this week. Interestingly, many clients had a hard time getting past their fear brain. They were very attached to their

Why We Procrastinate

Do you start projects and then have a hard time finishing them? Do have ideas but can't seem to get started on making those ideas come to fruition? What are some of your favorite methods of procrastinating? I know I am procrastinating on something really

Thanking Our Veterans

I want to take a moment to thank all our veterans, both those serving today, and those who have served. Having worked for the Navy as a civilian for almost twenty years made me appreciate their dedication and sacrifice serving our country as well as


During my Online Healing Group session I lead, I often get a message from my spirit guides to share with the group. Today, the word that popped into my head when I asked if there was any messages to share was "Transformation." The lesson sent

Lizard Brain Strikes Again

So many are dealing with higher levels of anxiety and depression right now. Most of my clients are experiencing much more anxiety and so am I during these times of COVID-19. Fear is running rampant in our lives and around the world. Anxiety, depression, worry,

Goose Wisdom

I had a few migrating geese land in one of my pastures. I took advantage of their visit to communicate with them. I received validation they were willing to communicate with me when I used telepathy to communicate to them were there was some good