Transform Your Life: The Power of Spirit Guides in Everyday Decisions & Growth

In the quest for personal growth and understanding, many turn to spiritual practices to find guidance and support. Among these practices, connecting with spirit guides stands out as a profound journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Spirit guides, often perceived as entities or energies that assist us from the non-physical realm, can have a transformative effect on our daily lives. This connection can aid in decision-making, personal growth, healing from past traumas, and enhancing creativity. The impact of this spiritual connection on everyday life can be seen through our various stories and insights we’ve garnished from them.

A common response I hear from students and clients is that they second-guess the messages they receive. They have doubts if those experiences are real connections to their spirit guides. A common response is that those experiences are merely coincidences. That is one reason I encourage you to journal and document these experiences even if you find yourself doubtful. What happens when you document these experiences is that after enough of these encounters, it defies the odds of them being coincidences. At some point, you will begin to accept that these are real spirit entities reaching out to you and providing guidance.

It is really easy with Google or your favorite search engine to dig deeper into the messages being sent. You can search for the “spirit meaning of …” or “dream meaning of ….” You will see how much information and articles provided to explore further. For example, just before writing this blog, I was outside and two crows flew over head. I watched them and they landed on a tall pine tree across from my place. I was just thinking about what I wanted to write on this blog so I thought, I’m going to look up the spirit meaning of crows. What I read from the website fit perfectly: There were many websites to explore but I resonated with this one.

“When the crow serves as your spirit animal, it signifies your connection to wisdom, insight, and psychic abilities. You possess the capacity to see beyond the surface and understand the hidden truths of the world. The crow spirit animal encourages you to trust your intuition and embrace your unique gifts. You are known for your creativity, handiwork, and adaptability. You possess the remarkable ability to transform any situation into something useful and valuable.”

I had an amazing experiences with crows. I wrote about that experience in my memoir, Alpacas Don’t Do That. This happened many years ago. I was awakened by crows cawing loudly outside my bedroom. After listening to them for quite a few minutes, I finally got up to look out the window to see what was going on. There had to be over a hundred crows flying and swirling across the street from my house. It looked like they were in a massive dog fight. They were dive bombing each other. As I continued to watch, I noticed that more sitting on roofs and power lines and as the crows came flying at each other, they’d go land on the roof or line and those resting would fly off to replace them. It wasn’t a real fight I realized. It looked more like a ritual. I got nervous and wondered if we were about to have an earthquake. I turned on the TV to get the news. I realized immediately what day it was. It was Sept 11th and the anniversary of the planes crashing into NYC Towers. Names of the victims were being read. The gongs sounded at the time the planes struck the towers. When the final gong was sounded and the final name read, the crows outside my window stopped flying and their loud cawing ceased. It was suddenly eerily quiet. To this day, I have no idea why those crows were flying outside my bedroom window that morning. I have never seen anything like it before or since that day. I didn’t know anyone who perished that day on the aircraft or towers and I was living in Southern California at the time. But I do feel and trust spirit was communicating to me that morning. This experience was early in my studies of Spirit Guides and Totem Animals. Sometimes we don’t get an immediate understanding of the message. Patience and continue to be open to the messages. They are guiding you.

If you want to learn more how to communicate with your spirit guides, I have classes on connecting with them. Check out my Events Page for future classes.

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