Anxiety filled Spud in Training Class

Emotional Healing for Dogs: Integrating Energy Work into Training

Welcome to, a sanctuary where the power of energy healing meets the intuitive connection between animals and humans. Today, I share a heartfelt journey with my year-old puppy, Spud, whose early life challenges led us down a path of healing, understanding, and deep bonding.

Spud’s story begins in hardship, discovered with her siblings in a dumpster, and navigating through shelters until she found her forever home with me. Adjusting to life on my alpaca farm, she formed bonds with the other dogs and became my constant shadow, indicating her need for reassurance and closeness.

Recognizing her nervous disposition, I introduced Spud to dog training classes to help her gain confidence. She showed a preference for calm observation, finding solace on her mat amidst the bustling environment, a trait I encouraged for its positive implications in public settings.

However, our journey took a challenging turn. Post-spay recovery and a traumatic experience during a severe ice storm heightened Spud’s anxiety, manifesting in a noticeable regression in her training progress. A subsequent attempt to re-engage with her training classes revealed a deeply rooted fear, causing her to shut down completely, unable to participate or even accept treats.

In seeking to understand and alleviate her distress, I encountered a significant breakthrough. Utilizing my skills in animal communication, I discovered that the training environment reminded Spud of the shelters from her past, triggering a fear of abandonment. This revelation was a turning point, prompting me to ensure a more open and reassuring training setup and to intensify our communication and energy healing efforts.

By addressing Spud’s anxiety through targeted energy work and clear, compassionate animal communication, we witnessed remarkable improvements. Not only did Spud become more engaged and relaxed in class, but she also regained her confidence in car rides and her overall well-being significantly improved.

This experience underscores the critical role of intuition and energy healing in addressing the trauma and anxiety our animal companions face. It highlights the necessity of having a versatile set of tools and a supportive community to turn to when challenges arise.

If you find yourself facing similar challenges with your pet, remember, you’re not alone. While it may be difficult to connect with your own pets on this level, external support can provide the clarity and assistance needed. Explore our animal services for guidance and support in nurturing a deeper, healing connection with your pet.

Animals, like humans, can experience profound trauma, affecting their behavior and emotional state. Through energy work, animal communication, and a compassionate approach, healing is not just a possibility but a profound journey of connection and love. Reach out to us for support, and let’s explore together how energy healing and intuitive communication can transform the lives of our beloved animal friends.

If you need help with an anxious pet, I invite you to check out my animal services. And if you are interested in learning how to communicate with animals, look for my upcoming class on Animal Communication on my Events Page.

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