Women’s College Basketball: Breaking Paradigms of Limitations

Growing up, I spent much time playing the latest sport that was in season. The only kids living on my block were boys. And playing catch was an activity my dad and I spent time playing together. I learned how to throw a spiral playing football and my dad taught me how to pitch fastballs, sliders and curveballs playing baseball catch. My dad and I would often watch sports on TV together, especially baseball. But it was always men’s teams. The boys I played with could envision being on these professional teams. But that is where we differed. I couldn’t see myself playing in these big stadiums, making that final strikeout to win the World Series. Tennis was the only sport where I saw females playing a sport on TV. But when I tried to play as a kid, I couldn’t hold the racket properly. My hands were too small to grasp our racket properly and I grew discouraged quickly. I gave up that sport quickly and it wasn’t my dad’s sport and that is who I wanted to play with most of all. I wasn’t very good at playing basketball. I was too short and slow. I could dribble and I could make a basket if I shot hoops in my backyard where my dad put up a basket against our garage. But I never got into playing scrimmages with my friends or watching it on TV. I simply never became a big basketball fan. But that has changed watching the women college basketball games during March Madness. It has been thoroughly enjoyable. They are so gifted and so exciting to watch.

Women’s basketball has now become a beacon of progress in the sports world, challenging and reshaping long-standing paradigms. The athletes leading this charge are not just playing a game; they are rewriting the narrative around women’s sports, breaking barriers with every three-pointer shot and every strategic play on the court. Their achievements echo the groundbreaking efforts of icons like Billie Jean King, propelling women’s sports into the spotlight and demanding the attention and respect long overdue.

This resurgence of interest and investment in women’s sports confronts the outdated and flawed arguments that have historically undermined female athletes. The notion that women’s sports are not worthy of the same recognition, support, and financial backing as men’s sports is being dismantled. The rising popularity of women’s basketball is a testament to the flawed logic that has excluded half the population from the narrative of sports excellence.

At Your Energy Healer, we draw inspiration from the transformative journey of women’s basketball. It serves as a powerful metaphor for overcoming personal and societal biases that limit our potential. Just as these remarkable athletes have shown, the barriers we face—whether imposed by ourselves or by societal expectations—are surmountable. The story of women’s basketball is a call to action: to challenge the limiting beliefs that hold us back, to recognize and nurture our talents, and to embrace the possibilities that lie beyond traditional paradigms.

Let us learn from the trailblazers of women’s basketball and apply their lessons to our own lives. By acknowledging and overcoming our biases, we open the door to realizing our full potential. The court is a metaphor for the world, and in it, we all have the capacity to be champions, regardless of the challenges we face. The key is to believe in our abilities, to support one another in our pursuits, and to never underestimate the power of determination and teamwork.

In embracing the spirit of women’s basketball, we find not just a sport, but a movement—one that champions equality, resilience, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence. Let’s celebrate these athletes not only for their achievements on the court but for the barriers they break and the doors they open for future generations. After all, when anyone lives their best lives, and supported to be your best, then it makes our world better.

If you want to break through your limiting beliefs, discover your own gifts, I invite you to explore my events and services. Those athletes, both women and men share one thing, they are dedicated to practicing. We must practice, practice, practice to be our best selves.

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