Welcome 2021! Back to ABCs Basics

As I begin this new year, I feel like in so many ways, I’m starting back to the basics. Living has become much more simplified. Things that seemed so important are no longer so and those things that are important, I spend more of my time on them instead of those things that just took up time.

This morning, I was pondering on the upcoming year. I admit I felt a bit triggered and my mind began to go on auto pilot over some of those things that are no longer important. I noticed where my mind was heading and I stopped myself. I took a few breaths and asked myself to focus on something else that was more productive. I heard in my head to go back to the basics. I found myself wanting to say the ABC’s. I became curious if I could come up with something mindful for each letter. As I performed my daily chore of raking up my alpacas poop , I went through the alphabet and focused on each letter and a word or two that was about being more conscious and mindful that letter started with.

The letter A was easy. Awareness. B was breath. After all to become more aware and to stop the thoughts that go spinning as if on a hamster wheel, we need to breathe. C was Consciousness and then I added C was for cats because when I hold my cats and they purr on my heart, it helps me get in sync with their heart chakra and it calms me. The letter D took a few moments to ponder on. And then I thought D is for dog. After all Dog spelled backwards is God! This does feel like God work as I work as a healing energy conduit for others.

I did go through the entire alphabet and then more ideas popped into my mind of how it can become exercises for my Subconscious as a Second Language classes. By stopping that hamster wheel, we can have so many more creative and productive ideas and thoughts. So if you find yourself needing help stopping your hamster wheel thoughts, try the ABCs and finding your own words.

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