Pet Peeves: Words Matter

I was half listening to someone on an interview and they mentioned something about their “favorite pet peeve.” I have no idea what they said after that but the statement of having a favorite pet peeve made my ears perk. I thought that isn’t a great phrase to use energetically speaking. Peeved is a common emotion I release from clients that easily gets trapped in the body. Negative emotions tend to be much slower frequencies which makes them easier to get lodged in our bodies. Every thought, every emotion we experience releases a chemical into our bodies that relates to those emotions. We can have up to 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day! I think of emotion chemicals like food calories. If we eat more than the food calories we intake, those calories get stuck in our body. I see emotions similarly in that if we have more emotions than our bodies can burn off, those emotional “calories” get lodged in our bodies too. The slower moving emotions will get stuck easier just like processed food tends to get stuck easier in our bodies.

What made my ears perk about that person using the phrase, “My favorite pet peeve” is because they linked the words “my” and “pet” with the word “peeve.” They personalized the emotions by saying it is mine and then they made it a pet. So they love this negative emotion. No wonder it is with them all the time if it is their favorite that they love. Most of us adore our pets. We never want to see them leave us. So if you want to know why having a favorite pet peeve is always with you, perhaps you have unconsciously attached yourself to it in a very deep way. We would never want to let go of our pets, so unconsciously, we don’t want to let go of this habit of being irked by something or someone.

It seems like such a silly or minor phrasing, but think about it. Do you really want something that irritates you being a pet, and a favorite one at that? Our words do indeed matter.

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  • Sharon McKinney

    November 30, 2020 at 3:12 pm Reply

    Plus, calling it your “favorite” seems contradictory as well. If it’s a peeve, a negative, how can it be your “favorite”?

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