Cindy is a gifted, compassionate healer and intuitive.

Cindy is a gifted, compassionate healer and intuitive. Her ability to get to the root of an issue, and infuse it with insight, clarity and healing has helped both myself and my dog. Give yourself the gift of connecting with her and you will experience

Try a session and be forever changed

Cindy is like having a best friend in your head or in your pet's head -that knows what's going on. Cindy works together with you to shift vibrationally and heal. Cindy's energy work helped me have a better relationship with a beloved pet with a

Her expertise is very beneficial

I’ve used Cindy’s animal and human services for several years and found her expertise very beneficial. For my cats, Cindy’s assisted with various health issues with two different cats. One lived to be 22+ years; the other since I adopted her at 5 months. She

A gifted intuitive healer, author and coach

Cindy is truly a gifted Intuitive healer, author and coach. Her skills are an extraordinary find for both humans and animals. For myself, I had been searching for a healing modality to help with severe back pain. It was severe enough, at times, that I could not stand