Her expertise is very beneficial

I’ve used Cindy’s animal and human services for several years and found her expertise very beneficial. For my cats, Cindy’s assisted with various health issues with two different cats. One lived to be 22+ years; the other since I adopted her at 5 months. She is now almost 5 years old. Plus, when I’ve traveled, Cindy’s intuitive pet sitting has been wonderful. She definitely helped calm my cats, reassuring them that I’d be returning soon. Personally, Cindy’s been instrumental in clearing trapped emotions; I count on her regularly to balance my energy system. Her words of advice are very comforting and useful. She has definitely helped me improve my skills with pet ownership and my own personal well-being.
Lastly, check out her book, Alpacas Don’t Do That, for some enlightening stories detailing how Cindy came to her calling. It’s a fast read; Cindy’s stories are so enlightening.

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