A gifted intuitive healer, author and coach

Cindy is truly a gifted Intuitive healer, author and coach.
Her skills are an extraordinary find for both humans and animals.
For myself, I had been searching for a healing modality to help with severe back pain.
It was severe enough, at times, that I could not stand and was brought to my knees in pain.
I ended up in the hospital where they administered lots of pain medication and muscle relaxers.
I eventually came home, but was desperate for an alternative to surgery and a life of medication.
Cindy treats the entire body system. It’s all interconnected biochemistry.
My Stress caused a chemical soup in my brain that made it hard to come out of an anxious spiral.
I was given a huge relief from pain that I had never experienced before, and Cindy counseled me on a new course of unravelling the true cause of pain.
A true Mind, Body and Spiritual revelation for all that work with her. Highly recommended.