During my Online Healing Group session I lead, I often get a message from my spirit guides to share with the group. Today, the word that popped into my head when I asked if there was any messages to share was “Transformation.” The lesson sent was about seeking small and personal transformations. So often we seek these huge massive life changing transformations or we assume the meaning to be something big. But today’s message was seeking smaller transformational changes to our lives.

As I thought about this lesson, I am reminded of many experiences I’ve had especially with animals that have led to life altering moments. They seemed so simple at the moment, but they led me to living my life differently afterwards. One experience was one I shared with my alpaca, Jamilah. She is quite the character and has given me a number of insights. But this one was particularly huge. I was having a very rough time and feeling very depressed. Things were not going well professionally as well as personally. I decided to get some fresh air and soak up some lovely alpaca energy. I sought out Jamilah in particular. I intuitively reached out to her asking her if she’d spend some time with me. I told her from my mind to hers that I really needed a Jamilah kiss and pat. I had no treats and was not bribing her. She stopped grazing and walked over to me. She reached over and gave me a kiss on my cheek and I patted her neck for a moment and then she walked away to go back to grazing. I became suddenly angry. “Is that it? All I get is one kiss and off you go? I work my butt off for you guys and you can barely give me a kiss?” I yelled.

I then heard in my head her response. She said, “What do you mean? I gave you what you asked for.”

In that moment, I realized how we humans tend to be very needy creatures. We need so much from others. One kiss, one pat, one time being told we are loved isn’t enough. We need to hear and experience many times over before we begin to believe it is real or true. But Jamilah’s response to me was genuine. An alpaca’s instincts is NOT to stop grazing to walk over and give a human a kiss and let them be patted especially if there isn’t a goody involved. What she offered me was genuine. She heard me and gave me exactly what I asked for.

What was transformational in that small brief moment was how I appreciate when someone offers me something that is from their heart. I can tell when it is genuine. And not only is it enough, it means everything to me. So often we seek these huge experiences that create life altering experiences. Yet, many can and do appear in very small moments like I shared with Jamilah. And those are just as important as those huge moments. These smaller moments build to create those bigger transformational changes. Remember, many ball games are won by getting singles and not just homeruns.

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