Run, don’t walk, to call Cindy Myers

I promise your only regret will be not doing it sooner.
Cindy has been a godsend for me and my rescue dogs. I own two senior bichon frises who suffer from anxiety plus a host of other medical issues. I went into our first session hopeful and left blown away by their immediate transformations. Here are two examples:
For years, we managed our 14-yo boy’s crippling arthritis with a combo of supplements (including CBD), acupuncture and cold laser therapy. When I added Cindy to the mix, his improvement was so dramatic that his longtime vet immediately noticed and commented.
The work Cindy does for our 11-yo girl is even more impactful. She’s a former puppy mill mama with severe PTSD. After Cindy provided a series of releases, her playful personality began to fully emerge and she finally bonded with me. Our girl also has super aggressive breast cancer (common with puppy mill dogs), and Cindy has been invaluable in helping to extend and improve her last weeks. I am relying on Cindy’s insights in deciding when it will be the right time to let her go. This will be the first time I feel completely confident and comfortable with that difficult decision.
Cindy is a true partner, the ultimate professional and an all-around awesome person. She’s caring and willing to go the extra mile. Calling her was the best decision I made for my pups. My experience with Cindy taught me that veterinary medicine and alternative therapies are only part of the solution. Cindy’s healing was the third leg of the stool I was missing for far too long.