Animal Starter Package





I recommend this service when you first begin working with me.Whether your pet is experiencing a physical or exhibiting an undesirable habit, this is where we begin to help healing those issues. During this call, we will discuss a history of the issue(s), go over the process of how energy clearings work and how to get the most out of these sessions. And you will obtain information from my vast list of resources that I will refer you to. This initial session will kickstart your pet’s natural healing abilities and begin removing those emotional blocks right away.




* 45 minute and a follow-up 15 minute phone session.
* Discuss a full history of your pet’s issue(s) (No more than 2 pets per session please)
* Begin removing trapped emotions
* Support your pet’s body in healing from injury or illness
* Help Reduce pain
* Begin reducing anxiety and other fear-based emotions and replace with a peaceful and calm state
* Communicate with your pet on what they are experiencing
* Work with you on how we can modify undesirable behaviors and replace with desirable habits.


We will discuss how best to utilize your 15 minute follow-up phone session. This session is hugely important in continuing the momentum of healing and is tailored to time to your specific needs.


Once a service is purchased, you will receive a link to my online calendar. Select a time you wish and provide the best phone number for me to call and I will call you at the appointed time!


Disclaimer:  do not diagnose animal or human illness. My mission is to support you and your pets natural healing abilities. For all emergencies please always call your vet/doctor ASAP.