Animal Single Session





Sometimes you just need a quick question answered and clearing for yourself or your pet but you don’t want to invest in the package. I was asked for this single service so here it is! We will clear trapped emotions, answer a quick question and balance your energy system during this call!





For some who want to try out my service without investing in the full Starter Package, this 15 minute can let you see how even in 15 minutes how much this work can benefit you or your pet. You can test to see if this is a right fit before investing in the bigger packages. And for some, this is all their budget can allow. This is a nice service for those who just want a single session with me. When purchased, you will receive the link to my 15 minute online calendar, select the time you wish me to call you, a good phone number I can reach you at, and I will call you at that appointed time!


Disclaimer:  do not diagnose animal or human illness. My mission is to support you and your pets natural healing abilities. For all emergencies please always call your vet/doctor ASAP.