Full Treatment Coaching Package


This four week intensive program is tailored specifically to your needs. You will receive important tools to change habits, remove blocked and trapped emotions that created the habit in the first place, and guidance to help you bring into consciousness how your fear state has created the problem. And I’ll work with you closely during these four weeks to help you learn exactly how and when to use these tools.


Who is this program designed for?


If you have been stuck in a habit and life pattern that you can’t seem to understand or change, this is for you. Most of us have no idea how much our fear brain runs our lives. It is a reactionary system and that is how it is designed to work. However, that fear brain creates hard habits to break and be conscious of.


I teach you how to recognize when fear is making those decisions for you and then how to use the tools to get you into your cognitive mind to make much wiser decisions and choices.


If you have a health issue that you are dealing with, this coaching program is for you. We hear and talk about mind, body and spirit. But how often we only rely on only our doctors and medicine to deal with health issues. We don’t work on the mind and spirit piece and those are also important pieces in healing our bodies. They work together.


Emotions are simply chemicals our bodies create that relate to an experience we are having or remembering. We have emotions all day long including while we sleep during the dream state. We also have about 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day and each thought has emotions related to them. If we can’t process out those emotional chemicals, just like if we eat too many food calories, those calories will not be processed out and get stuck in our bodies. Our emotions too get stuck in our tissues or as I like to say we store our issues in our tissues.


This coaching program will help you remove some of those emotions that have become stuck in the body and block our natural energy flow to that part of the body which can lead to illness and injuries. Removing the trapped emotions helps your body’s natural healing abilities to work WITH your medical practitioners in overcoming illnesses and injuries.


And, the coaching helps us become more conscious so those 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day are healthier for us. if you are dealing with health issues, having a full team support for your body, mind and spirit is vital.


How does it work?


We work over the phone. I do distance healing so you can be anywhere in the world and we can do this work! You will get a link to my online calendar once you are ready to proceed with this coaching program. Select the time that fits in your schedule and I will call you at that time and we will begin this work.


We will have weekly calls for these four weeks lasting about 45-60 minutes and tailor the sessions to your needs. Clear any trapped emotions that are needing to be removed to continue your healing, and support your system energetically. And you will have email support from me between sessions as well if you have questions or concerns between calls.


In four weeks, you will see and get used to using these tools so you can use then for yourself more easily. I believe in teaching you how to heal yourselves.


Disclaimer:  I do not diagnose animal or human illness. My mission is to support you and your pets natural healing abilities. For all emergencies please always call your vet/doctor ASAP.