Discovering Spirit Animal Meanings on the Alpaca Farm: Garter Snake Encounters

Living on a small alpaca farm, I frequently encounter various species during my daily farm chores. Often, I feel compelled to study their spirit meanings, especially when an uncommon animal crosses my path multiple times. Last week, I experienced this with a garter snake.

One day, I saw a garter snake in my yard. A few days later, while mowing the large fields, another garter snake poked its head out of a hole just before I drove over it. I quickly stopped and locked eyes with the snake for about 30 seconds. I backed up to show I meant no harm, and the snake retreated into its hole. I made sure to mow around it, ensuring its safety.

Although I usually fear snakes, I know garter snakes are harmless and beneficial for controlling pests. Their presence helps maintain balance by managing the varmint population, which can be destructive to my fields and yard. Witnessing nature’s balance and the circle of life is always fascinating.

When I encounter a rare species, I pay attention. I looked up the spirit meaning of the garter snake and found they symbolize transformation, rebirth, balance, and harmony. This resonated with me, especially the idea of following intuition. Personal growth and transformation, alongside maintaining balance, are my constant goals. Running the farm, supporting clients with intuitive healing, and teaching can be challenging, but it’s vital for a purposeful life.

Farm chores offer a perfect time for inner work and reflection. My animals help me decompress from sessions, providing the energy that refuels me. Working with clients inspires me to keep growing, creating a full cycle of daily rebirth opportunities.

Achieving a purposeful life has involved many challenges, obstacles, and failures. Passion drives one to face these challenges and stay focused. My encounters with the snakes, rather than frightening me, made me smile and appreciate their presence.

What things scare you? Imagine turning that fear into value. If you feel your life needs a shake-up or you’re searching for your purpose, nature can guide you. If you need help interpreting your subconscious and what spirit is trying to show you, my coaching can help. Visit my services page and let’s get started on shedding your current skin and rebirthing into a purpose-filled life.

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