I highly recommend Cindy

While my cats Galen and Ansel had shared many brotherly moments sleeping together and grooming each other, I noticed that Galen was being chased out of the room where I keep the litter boxes and that Ansel was in hot pursuit. Ansel clearly did not know cat etiquette. Galen is older and sensitive and I didn’t want him to be upset by his much younger brother, and I didn’t want him to start avoiding the litter box for fear of being chased out. I set up a telephone appointment with Cindy, during which she communicated from her home in Oregon to Ansel in Chicago that his behavior wasn’t desirable. I think Cindy accessed Ansel’s subconscious to communicate this. I’m not sure how she did it, but it definitely worked. Within a week the behavior had stopped and it hasn’t returned in the year-plus since we had this session. I highly recommend Cindy.