Dream Workshop


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a 2-day event. Day 1, Oct 4 – time 6pm- 730pm pacific time. 

Day 2 is following Wed, Oct 11 same time.


Do you remember your dreams? Are you curious what they could mean? Would you like to learn how to use your dreams to understand your subconscious?


Dreams are like having multiple tv shows playing all night long. Your subconscious writes the script, directs, hires the actors, does the set design for each dream. Whew! All that work for one night’s sleep. If your subconscious is working that hard to create these shows for you, wouldn’t it be nice to understand why they were created just for you?


In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to interpret your dreams
  • Techniques to dig deeper into understanding them
  • Understand the various aspects and dimensions in dreaming
  • Personal, collective, universal meanings in dreams


Bring in your own dream to work with. I will lead you in exercise(s) to practice for Day 2 of our workshop.


Day 2: We will use your dreams to review and practice interpreting them. Everyone will have a chance of digging deeper into their own dreams in this final session. This session will be all about you and your dream!