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How I can help you. It is hard to know where to turn and who to turn to when you are overwhelmed. Being in that overwhelmed, worry and fear state means you are in the fight or flight response system or “Lizard Brain” is how I refer to it. When lizard brain is engaged, it is really hard to access that wiser, smarter bigger brain that has much better solutions than lizard brain. But it is hard to tell when it is lizard brain talking to you or your wiser brain. As an empath and intuitive healer and coach, I can tell when you go into lizard brain. I can help you access that wiser self, help remove old and trapped emotions that keep you stuck and create health issues. It works the same for humans or animals. That is why I can work with both. Humans just have a much more complex emotional system so it is a little more challenging to overcome those issues. Thankfully, my years of experience guides you every step of the way of building a healthier outlook and tools to feel better. 

If you are ready to help yourself or your pet, let’s get started. Once you select a service, you will get access to my online calendar and we can get started right away. There is no time like now to get help overcoming some of these issues. They don’t have to keep holding you back and feeling rotten. And it feels so much better knowing that your pet can be heard and you can learn what it is they need too! And it can all get started with ONE phone call! Once you select a time on my calendar, I will call you and we will get going. I start our calls with, “How can I help?” I can feel you stress ease immediately because you know there is someone that is ready to do just that.