Heal the Healers



The vision for the Heal the Healer group is to network with each other and find support within a community of like-minded spirits. This won’t be your typical “talk therapy” sort of group. We will be tapping into your higher selves using guided activities.


My background in counseling and depth psychology will get used to help guide you in listening and accessing that inner wisdom.


That voice can be difficult to hear if you are stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and worried. It is important to have witnesses and their support as you find your inner wisdom.


This group can benefit you if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • You feel isolated and alone
  • You feel burned out
  • You are overwhelmed by caregiving others or your business needs
  • You are having a hard time finding that passion you once felt for your business
  • You aren’t sure if this healing work is for you
  • You are just starting out in your healing practice and don’t know where to turn for help
  • You have been at this work a long time and you are having a hard time finding the passion for it still


Too often the work is done on your own and you struggle to find help. Having a network of people with different backgrounds can lead to valuable resources and referrals. I admit I don’t do well with traditional networking groups. So don’t expect the typical guest speaker to talk about their business and issues. Nope, we will be focusing on your superpower – YOUR Higher, Wiser, Soul-Self!


This will be a once a month group meeting every 4th Monday of the month at 6:00 pm PST. The cost will be $30.


Our meeting is- TBD at 6pm Pacific/ 7pm Mountain/ 8pm Central/ 9pm Eastern time.